Chef Coats

Chef coats have been in use for centuries, both as a status symbol for the chef who is in charge of all activities in the kitchen but also to protect from splattered hot liquids and the heat of stoves and ovens. At Wholesale Chef Wear, we are proud to provide every chef with the symbol of their status and the means to protect themselves from the perils of their profession.

Thick white cotton chef coats not only protect the chef from grease splatters and spills from hot ovens but convey the importance of cleanliness in the kitchen. Although white is a traditional chef coat color, modern chefs often opt for different colors including black. A double-breasted chef coat in any color is great protection from the dangers of a hot kitchen and knotted cloth buttons are made to withstand the repeated washing necessary for well-used chef coats.

While cotton is the original and traditional fabric for chef coats, we are pleased to provide this garment in other fabrics as well like mesh. Our goal is to support all chefs and others in the kitchen with the garments they need to work safely and comfortably at all times and in all conditions.
At Wholesale Chef Wear, we are proud to support chefs and other kitchen workers with functional and attractive garments to make the work easier and safer. If you need any other parts of a chef’s attire, take a look at what we offer. We are always pleased to be of service.

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